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As a licensed and experienced door and hardware company, Himmel's will ensure that your needs will be met with the correct product. Writing specifications in conjunction with the owner, architect or contractor is something we offer as a free service to aid in coordination of every aspect of the project. We have a team of consultants ready to tend to your needs and answer your questions in regards to our services. We will ensure that you get the most out of our products available. We don’t want to charge you first if you are not certain that we are the right company to provide your needs. Himmel’s consulting service is the first step in getting to know our products and services.


Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs prides itself on having fleet of quality trucks and careful drivers to ensure your product will arrive on time and in good condition. Each location has its own delivery fleet to ensure the proper service level is met. Before we deploy our trucks, Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs officer in charge is tasked to assess each product on its packaging down to how it is carried inside the truck. Standard checks are crucial to ensure that you receive our product without a problem.

No matter the distance, we will keep your product safe. We have sales/customer representatives to help you keep track of the delivery process and ensure your product’s safety.


Detailing a project is a process that we perform for every contract job that Himmel's completes. The detailer will create a door and hardware schedule along with cut sheets for every product being supplied. Our detailers are experienced and knowledgeable on all codes to meet the customer's needs in accordance with all building and local regulatory codes.


Whether you need a bid or a budgeting price, our team of estimators are here to give you the best prices on the correct products. Our estimators are experienced in the Division 8 and 10 fields, with a deep understanding that receiving a timely quote is just as important as receiving an accurate quote.

We will offer an upfront price that fits within your budget. You can always discuss this with us during the consultation so as to determine the rate of the service or product you’re going to avail from us. We are always willing to negotiate and come to an ultimate agreement before finalizing the quote. Affordability isn’t hard to come by with Himmel’s selection of products and services. We believe that everyone deserves quality product for their home or business.


Fabrication is the process of manipulating raw materials for creating machines, hardware, tools, and equipment to make them into new and modified products. Though it has its limits, fabrication is responsible for the tools we use regularly such as saws and torches.Certain machines are not in every fabrication shop’s wheelhouse due to their complexity.

Himmel's has a full time fabrication shop that can fabricate fire-rated and non-rated nonrated hollow metal doors and frames. Whether it is a custom hinge location, a custom lock prep, or a lite kit cut out, Himmel's can quickly and accurately customize a wood or metal door in-house.

Using the available materials we have in store, we take precise measurements in order to create quality customized products only crafted at Himmel’s fabrication shop. From hardware to frames, our fabrication service creates products like no other.

Installation and Maintenance

Himmel's is the largest division 8 and 10 installer in the Gulf Coast Region. With 20 experienced installers, we have successfully completed install projects from $50 to $10,000,000. Whether we are tearing out an existing concrete filled frame, installing a blast door, mounting toilet partitions, or hanging an entire hospital full of doors, Himmel's has the the right people to get the job done. From licensed locksmiths to AAADM certified Automatic door technicians, Himmel's got you covered. We have all the proper credentials and training to work in chemical plants and understand the safety concerns involved.

We want our clients to constantly enjoy our products without running to issues so we make it a point to ensure that they are always in good condition. Maintenance is essential in every product we manufacture, deliver, and install. Our professionals are equipped with the required licenses and intensive training in hardware installation and maintenance. We also implement safety checks before deploying and installing our products.


Himmel's has implemented a cutting edge industry innovation where most of the door hardware can be installed and QA QC checked before ever leaving our facility. Quality assurance testing is part of our advanced standard procedures to help us continue providing nothing but the best products and services to our clients. Our consultants, engineers, specialists, project managers, and even our sales representatives incorporate QA QC as part of their task.

The pre-installed doors arrive protected and palletized to the jobsite ready to be swung into their frames, mitigating jobsite damage and loss of hardware. Himmel's is one of only a handful of door companies in the country having adopted this practice, and has used it successfully to complete one of the largest healthcare projects in Louisiana. We deal and fix damages and issues before they even transpire. Anticipation is the key and it’s always present in Himmel’s.

Project Management

Our team of experienced and proven project managers are here to ensure that your project is handled well from start to finish. We understand the correct material needs to be delivered the first time on the date requested. Offering creative solutions, providing pricing on our labor for installations,and ensuring all local and national codes are being followed are all tasks that our project managers are here to assist you with every step of the way.

Our team implements the following steps in every project plan:

Planning / Outlining: Designating project tasks on team members, gathering of resources such as cost and materials, and arranging the schedule.

Initiation: Putting the plan or outline into motion and finalizing cost, materials, and time.

Execution: The start of the project’s first phase. The teams will start working on tasks assigned to them under the supervision of the project manager on site. The following tasks discussed in the planning stage must be implemented and any problems that might encounter during the operation must be addressed immediately.

Assessment: The project manager checks the work progress and possible risks during the operation. Some tasks need to be evaluated before proceeding to the next one.

Walk In Sales

Himmel's values every order no matter the size. We have 6 full time sales representatives on call Monday through Friday from 7:00am - 4:30 pm. Our sales staff is experienced and knowledgeable on our products and installation processes. We want to assist you in every step and inquiry about our products or services. Our sales representatives are ready to help you with your needs, whether it’s problem in a newly-installed hardware in your home or information about our products and services. A licensed locksmith is on premises in our Prairieville and New Orleans locations everyday. Whether your need is one hinge or an entire opening, please feel free to call or walk in to receive stock material the same day if needed.

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