In 1983, Max Himmel founded the company, after some time spent building and selling wooden porch swings with an arched back and wooden cabinets from his backyard, before learning more about the greater needs of the commercial construction industry: doors.

Two years later, Max began branching out of his comfort zone and started dabbling in framework. During this time, Himmel’s began to sell hollow metal frames, attempting to cater to all of our clients’ needs as a one-stop-shop.

Old photo of Max Himmel in a brown hat


After moving around to three separate locations, Max Himmel made the fourth location the official home of Himmel’s Architectural Doors & Hardware at 16491 Airline Highway in Prairieville, Louisiana. It still serves as Himmel’s Headquarters today.

Himmel’s became increasingly comfortable in our craft, branching out in other specialities, aside from doors and frames— including hardware, Division 10 accessories, bathroom partitions, and more.

Max Himmel with a group of men holding an award
  • 2000

    Himmel’s started its installation and maintenance divisions to better serve the needs of all of our clients, solidifying our commitment to become a “one-stop-shop” where everything can be done seamlessly.

    Alex, employee at Himmel's, installing a door.
  • 2008
    Himmel’s created its own version of the Pre-Install process to make installation easier for our devoted clients. It ensures that your commercial door arrives in one cohesive package to the job-site.

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    Pre-install stack of doors
  • 2010s

    Himmel’s expanded from the Prairieville location, opening a second branch in New Orleans, off Tulane Ave, which helped spur our growth in the New Orleans market. It has since moved from its original location in NOLA to a new one in Elmwood.

    Himmel's building of old New Orleans location.
  • 2016
    As we continued to grow our business, there was a major transition in leadership, with Chad and Jay Himmel taking over the business as co-presidents. We purchased a new facility at 5500 Jefferson Hwy to support the New Orleans & surrounding areas. It was this flagship building that would create a model for all future Himmel's locations.

    Himmel's New Orleans building on Jefferson Hwy.
  • 2018
    Himmel’s enters the Houston market— merely two years after the shift in upper management with Jay and Chad Himmel taking over the company from their father Max.

    Next up.....Tennessee.....planning begins on continuing our expansion into our newest market.
    By the Fall of 2020, we were officially open for business and ready to serve our new friends in Nashville, TN.  

    Himmel's Houston building.


Jay and Chad are committed to the continual expansion of Himmel’s across the Southeast, honoring their father’s legacy and their team members' dedication. Himmel’s now has four successful locations, a staff of over 85 people, and is recognized as one of the leaders along the Gulf Coast.

Jay and Chad Himmel in front of a Fulton Alley bowling sign with balloons around them

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