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Born from the grit of one man willing to take a risk, Himmel’s Architectural Door & Hardware was built on passion and innovation by Max Himmel. Today, Himmel’s is in the hands of his son Jay Himmel and has been a continued success for over 40 years! We’re always trying to expand our offerings to better ourselves for our clients and fellow team members. Himmel’s takes a hard look at industry trends, preferences, and standards, molding our products and services to suit our customers’ needs.

Jay and Chad Himmel in front of the Prairieville Himmel building

Our Company Hinges Itself on Culture

Himmel’s Architectural Doors & Hardware sets itself apart with our commitment to our culture. We install a series of “cultural hinges” to reinforce our beliefs, so our team members don't forget who we are or where we’ve come from. Those cultural hinges are Competency, Character, Charity, and Customers and are built upon our commitment to philanthropy, our love for team-oriented events, our obligation to employee training, and our complete dedication to customer satisfaction.

Charity Opens the Door
to New Opportunities for Others

At Himmel’s Architectural Doors & Hardware, giving back to our community and those in need is very important to us and vital in maintaining our identity. Not only do we hold the charities and nonprofits we personally work with near and dear to our hearts, but we also value causes that are important to our team members. If one of our employees would like to volunteer their time to a charitable cause of their choice during work hours, we will pay for their time, as long as there is prior approval. Some of the organizations we’ve worked with in the past include Dreams Come True, Miracle League, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, and St. Jude.

The Miracle League

Team Training Keeps Us at the Top of Our Game

Himmel’s Architectural Doors & Hardware believes our work is only as strong as our team members, and to ensure our foundation is strong, Himmel’s invests a lot of time and effort into training our team members to be the best of the best. Each new employee that is on-boarded will receive an individualized training plan attuned to the information, skills, and know-how they need to get the job done right. We call it Himmel’s University, and it helps them better understand our processes, expectations, and culture. We also offer on-going training to help further our seasoned team members knowledge base and skillset, so they may continue to grow with Himmel’s.

Employee, Chelsea, pointing at a pie chart during a training meeting.

Company Culture
Is More Than Just a Buzzword to Us

Himmel’s Architectural Doors & Hardware realizes that many companies in today’s workforce talk about company culture, but talking isn’t the same as doing. To us, company culture is more than just a buzzword; it’s what keeps our employees happy, our customers satisfied, and our operation running smoothly. Each office location prides itself on its annual get-togethers and gatherings to show our team members how important they truly are! Our culture is so infectious even our clients loved to get involved in our scheduled vendor events, and everyone always anticipates our Annual Bowling event in NOLA, our Annual Golf Tournament in Prairieville, and our Cooking for Culture event every September!

A team is only as good as the members on it. Will you be the missing link we need to make the chain even stronger? 

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