Low e-Mod Rating

Solid Dedication

According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), Himmel’s Architectural Door & Hardware has an
e-mod rating of .79, which means that our business claims history is better than many of our peers.

• Mandatory safety audits
• On-the-job safety training
• Safety indicators in working areas
• Safety mentoring
• Safety walk-arounds
• Ongoing safety council


Safety Qualifications

Our Himmel’s certified door and hardware technicians carry a variety of qualifications:


inspection & Relabeling

Protect yourself, your employees, and your physical business through regularly scheduled fire door inspections by Himmel’s Architectural Doors & Hardware. NFPA-80 ( states that periodic inspections and testing shall be performed no less than annually. Our inspectors are IFDIA-certified and we’re the only company in Louisiana ISO-17020 Accredited Inspection Body for field-labeling metal and wood fire doors and frames, and protective plates, by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

Fire Door Inspection

Better to Know Now Than Later

Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware believes that our Consulting service is the first step in getting to know the products we offer. It’s also our way to ensure that your needs are met. Since it’s our job to assist you in coordinating every aspect of your project, the service is free. Himmel’s expert, licensed team of consultants are on-deck, ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have about our role in the construction process. As a licensed door and hardware company with plenty of experience under our tool belt, we aim to provide clients with the most useful, cost-effective products on the market.

Two men going over a project in a conference room


You build
We Handle the Rest

Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware offers Delivery services with our own delivery fleet to accommodate each Gulf Coast location. We guarantee that your product will arrive in a timely manner within good condition, and we have a very regimented process to ensure our promise to clients. Before our trucks are even deployed, our officer-in-charge accesses every aspect of the delivery down to the packaging and its positioning on the truck. Additionally, our sales and customer service representatives are available during scheduled office hours to assist with tracking and other delivery-related matters.


The Details
Make Us Different

In every contract job that Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware takes on, we perform Detailing services. Our experienced team of detailers will create a door and hardware production schedule for your specific project, along with cut sheets for every product being supplied. These highly knowledgeable, well-trained team members are up-to-standard on industry expectations, to meet your specialized needs in accordance with all building and local regulatory codes.

Hallway showing wooden and glass doors in LSU Patrick Taylor Hall


Our Innovation

Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware was built on Max Himmel’s passion for innovation and bettering product for customer use. In that spirit, Himmel’s cutting-edge Pre-Installation services ensure that the majority of our door hardware can be installed and QA/QC, or quality assurance, checked before ever leaving our facility. This procedure is so important to our process that everyone is trained to run the test, including Himmel’s engineers, specialists, project managers, consultants, and sales representatives.


Benefits of

Pre-Installed Hardware

The pre-installed doors from Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware arrive protected, palletized, and ready to be swung into their frames. Being one of the only companies in our industry to have adopted this practice, Himmel’s is able to expedite large construction projects, mitigate jobsite damage, and prevent loss of hardware. Our ideology is hyper-focused on anticipation to prevent any issue before it transpires and the process as senseless as possible for our valued clients.


Reduction of On-site Labor


Increase in Field Productivity for Installation


On time delivery with the correct materials


reduction in punchlist


reduction of waste related to doors & hardware

Less manpower

Eliminates Hardware Room

Reduces Product Damage on-site

Promotes a Green Jobsite

cost effective

saves time

work with us

Why Risk It?
Call for a Quote

Having specialists fluent in all realms of our business, it should come as no surprise that Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware offers Estimating services. Our experienced team of estimators will find competitive pricing and design a clear and specific quote for all your project needs. Our dedicated team is always willing to offer budget pricing to help you reach the goal you have in mind. Upon acceptance, our detailing team will provide an accurate submittal, according to plans and specifications.



A Little Creativity
A Lot of Know-How

As if our operation could go any smoother, Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware also boasts Fabrication services and owns a full-time fabrication workshop that can fabricate, or manipulate raw materials into new, modified products. Whether it is a custom hinge location, a custom lock prep, or a lite kit cut out, Himmel's can quickly and accurately customize a wood or metal door in-house. Using the available materials we have on-site, we take precise measurements and create high-quality, customized products crafted only at Himmel’s.

Implementation First Then Upkeep

Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware prides itself not only on our premium Installation services, but also the fact that we’re the largest Division 8 and 10 installer in the Gulf Coast Region. With 20 experienced installers actively on our staff, we have successfully completed installation projects, ranging from 50 to 10,000,000-dollars. Whether the job calls for tearing out an existing concrete-filled frame or mounting toilet partitions, Himmel's has team members apt to handle each and every task at-hand. Intensive training, licensed employees in various specialties, regular safety checks, and of course, our Maintenance services make Himmel’s the obvious choice.

Installation & Maintenance

Four Steps
We’ve Got Them Down

Where would our clients be without our highly-esteemed Project Management services at Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware? They’re key players that ensure your project is handled well from start to finish. Not only will they offer creative to common (and not-so-common) solutions, but they’ll also gather resources, create pricing proposals, arrange schedules, enforce codes, and put your project into full motion. In a nutshell, project managers at Himmel’s are expected to get the job done with expertise, quality, accuracy, and timely delivery.





Project Management

Value in the Client
Not the Invoice

Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware, Walk-In Sales services, values every order— no matter the size. Whatever you may be searching for, our staff will be with you every step of the way. They’re available in each of our three Gulf Coast locations on Monday through Friday. Himmel’s staff can answer any questions related to product or installation, whether the problem revolves around newly-installed hardware or otherwise. Our number-one priority is to help clients with whatever they might need during the various phases of their project.

Walk-In Sales

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