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The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

TIPS is a leading national-cooperative designed to provide streamlined procurement, with the use of competitive contracts. TIPS is beneficial for public sectors such as educational institutions, governmental agencies, and municipal organizations. Himmel's has the opportunity to be apart of the TIPS program and open many doors to procurement advantages.

Advantages of Being a TIPS Member

Cost and Time Efficiency: TIPS provides pre-negotiated contracts, helping members bypass the traditional public bidding process. This also provides members with competitive pricing.

Compliance and Discounts: Members enjoy the assurance of compliance with procurement codes and laws, coupled with discounts.

How does TIPS enhances operational efficiency?

Purchasing through TIPS conserves time and resources. By streamlining procurement with TIPS contracts, members can directly purchase from any of our four Himmel's locations. This means you will bypass the need for separate bidding and notably cutting down on purchasing time.

Dedicated Support from Industry Professionals  

Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware has a team of members ready to assist with your product purchasing needs. Our team is trained to navigate contract specifics, ensuring that members receive material at the best price and in a timely manner.

Maximize Budgets and Purchase With Confidence 

Being a TIPS vendor, not only helps our customers achieve economic benefits but also gain peace of mind during their procurement process.

TIPS Contract Number: 230903

TIPS Contract Name: Industry & Facility Equipment, Chemicals, & Services.

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