Choose Automatic Soap Dispensers & Division 10 Accessories for Your Facility

Choose Automatic Soap Dispensers & Division 10 Accessories for Your Facility

One of the most popular products for workplaces and high-traffic facilities at this time is the Automatic Soap Dispenser. Not only are they cost-effective and hands-free, but some models can also be used to easily dispense soap or hand sanitizer (liquid and foam). Rather than opting for manual soap dispensers that require touch and harbors dirt and bacteria, consider purchasing an automatic dispenser that offers convenience and helps reduce the spread of germs. 

Whether we are simply opening a door or writing up a report at the office, our hands are exposed to harmful germs and bacteria every day. To encourage good hygiene, consider placing Automatic Soap Dispensers within sight and near high-touch surfaces, such as entrances, exits and meeting rooms. 

Along with Automatic Soap Dispensers, other Division 10 specialties are also essential accessories that can serve as both attractive pieces in a bathroom and a useful item for people in public spaces. 

Division 10 Accessories 

We know how important it is to keep your employees and clients safe. We also understand the importance of having access to new sanitary items. All of our bathroom partitions and Division 10 products are durable, affordable, and easy-to-clean — and can even be custom-made! We provide unique designs, all while focusing on the product’s sole function. 

Some Division 10 products we carry include: 

● Single Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensary 

● Double Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensary 

● Paper Towel Dispenser And Receptacle 

● Sanitary Napkin Dispenser 

● C-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser 

● Waste Receptacles 

● Liquid Soap Dispenser 

If you are looking to purchase a Division 10 product, such as an Automatic Soap Dispenser for your office or facility, please give us a call or visit one of our three locations. We will discuss the details of the product, the price, and the ordering process. Keep in mind, the demand for this product is high, so take action now! 

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