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Career Path: Project Management

Career Path: Project Management

Are you considering a career in project management? Our unique one-year program is designed to prepare you for success! Here's a breakdown of our Project Management Career Path:

Months 1-3: Introduction and Industry Training

During the first quarter, we focus on laying a solid foundation. As a new team member, you will become familiar with our company’s culture, processes, and industry.

Months 4-8: Assisting Project Managers

Over the next five months you will gain experience and knowledge by assisting project managers. This allows you to apply what you have learned directly to a project's success. This stage is a hands-on experience where you learn through participation, observation, and feedback.

Months 9-12: Managing Small Projects

In the third phase, you will start taking on more responsibilities. You'll manage smaller projects while still under direct oversight. This is your chance to showcase your ability to plan and execute.

1 Year: Graduation

After one year of training, you will graduate from an Assistant Project Manager to a Project Manager. This transition is not just a promotion, it is a recognition of your hard work, learning, and development. As a Project Manager, you will lead all types of projects and have a significant impact on the company’s success!

Ready to start your career? Himmel's is hiring for Assistant Project Managers at the following locations.

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