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Career Path: Estimating

Career Path: Estimating

Are you considering a career in construction estimating? Our unique one-year program is designed to prepare you for success! Here's a breakdown of our Estimating Career Path:

Himmel's career path for estimating

Months 1-3: Introduction and Industry Training

During the first quarter, we will focus on building a strong foundation. As a new team member, you will become familiar with our company’s culture, processes, software, and industry. A major focus during this time will be on learning construction documents, including construction plans and specifications.

Months 4-8: Assist Veteran Estimators

Over the next five months, you will have the opportunity to work directly with veteran estimators. This will allow you to become familiar with Himmel’s vendors and customers.

Months 9-12: Start Estimating Projects

During months 9-12, you have the opportunity to estimate projects independently, gradually taking on more responsibilities and establish lasting relationships with clients. This gradual progression will ensure you feel prepared and capable in your role.

1 Year: Graduation

Team members who show continual growth and professional development graduate after 12 months of training. During this milestone, you will be assigned a specific market (Texas, Tennessee, or Louisiana) and set your annual target goal.

Ready to start your career? Himmel's is hiring for Estimators & Senior Estimators at the following locations.

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