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6 Benefits of Pre-Installed Doors from Himmels

6 Benefits of Pre-Installed Doors from Himmels

Who can fix this delivery? Where is my shipment? Where did that piece go? I don’t have room for that? Are you sure we have all the parts?

When it comes to installing doors, Himmel’s has found a way to make this process easier...ultimately seamless. No more missed deadlines, loss pieces or on-site damage. Pre-installed doors from Himmel's Architectural Door & Hardware arrive protected, palletized, and ready to be swung into their frames. 

Here are 6 benefits of choosing Himmel’s Pre-Installation for your next project:

  1. Less Manpower is needed because all the “dirty work” is done off-site. Hardware is installed and quality checked before your doors leave our facility.
  2. Eliminates Hardware Room which helps reduce stress under tight deadlines. All the hardware comes on the door, ready to be installed--not lost in a bag or box somewhere on the job-site.
  3. Reduces Product Damage On-Site because everything for a pre-install job is completed before shipment & delivery. No more installing the wrong hinge, lock or closer.
  4. Promotes a Green Jobsite because your doors arrive in one expedited package to your construction site. Say goodbye to excessive cardboard boxes, plastic and garbage.
  5. Saves Time & Money when you don’t have to supply space or resources for extra personnel, equipment, or work stations. Leave that to our certified technicians in our Himmel’s warehouse.

When it comes to your next project, remember this “Once people try Pre-Installation, they get EVERY job pre-installed.”

Whether you are looking to simplify the process for your current job or you are starting a new construction project, our expert team is ready to help you. Give one of our 3 locations a call today! 

Prairieville | (225) 673-8777 
New Orleans | (504) 302-2150 
Houston | (281) 520-4035

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