Access Control
Access Control

Louisiana Access Control – Installing a Security System that Works

How secure is your facility?

Do you worry about after-hours break-ins, stolen valuables, assault, or unauthorized individuals accessing secure areas?

Locks aren’t always enough to keep dangerous criminals or prying minds out of your building. Damage done from a break-in can result in unexpected expenses, injured individuals, lawsuits, trauma, and a blemish on your company’s reputation that might be hard to repair.

So what’s the move? Access Control systems designed to keep unauthorized individuals OUT.

Access Control Products from a Hardware Store you can Trust

At Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair, you can purchase and install peace of mind through top-quality access control systems. We supply alarms, electric hinges, magnets and more.

In addition, because proper installation is key to a functioning security system, our company employs a team of specialists to install and maintain your equipment. Don’t spend hours with a confusing instruction booklet; instead, call our specialist team to efficiently and correctly implement your security system.

Whether you need an electric strike (for keyless badge entry), an alarm, or something else, come to Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair for Louisiana access control supplies you can count on to last. Our team is dedicated to helping your business overcome problems, and we can help consult with you on solutions tailor made to fit your specific use cases.

About Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair

With over 30 years of experience proudly serving Louisiana, Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair is the market leader for doors and door repairs in the Gulf Coast region. We provide secure and aesthetic doors, locks, access systems, partitions, systems and more for facility managers, homeowners, and businesses.

We’ve worked tirelessly to establish trust from the community we both live and work in, and would be honored to serve your door and security needs, adding you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

Here are a few things that set us apart:

  • We know Louisiana residents want custom service – from contractors “near me,” who understand architecture and provide local service. We offer a local team of access control professionals to install your security devices, answer your questions, and maintain your system; no more worrying about calling a center or paying a distance charge.
  • Our installers aren’t just local – they’re also certified. By hiring our team, you hire a trained team that can properly secure your facility.
  • When you stop in at our Louisiana hardware store, you’ll receive friendly service from our staff. We hire employees who genuinely care about meeting your needs and desire to help you from start to finish. We serve clients in Prairieville, New Orleans, and Lake Charles.
  • Our trusted advisors are available to help you determine the best equipment for your unique situation. Every building and business is different, and if you’re unsure what to purchase, we’ll help you find a system that will fit your needs.

Access Control Definition

If you run a secure facility, you need to install a security system. Some areas may be off-limits for certain employees, but not others. Some wings or floors might only be accessible to managers, or specific departments. If you’d like to limit access to authorized individuals, you need an access control system.

Our access control systems include magnets, electric strikes, electric hinges, and alarms.

  • Magnets allow you to restrict access to badge holders. Individuals authorized to enter a specific area are given a magnetic badge, which can be read by the door’s lock. Without a badge, entry is impossible.
  • Electric strikes provide enhanced security to magnetic locks. Generally, doors with extra security require something called a “fixed strike.” A fixed strike, however, can’t be opened by an electric, magnetic lock. With an electric strike, your door remains secure while allowing magnetic entry.
  • Electric hinges will automatically open a door, hold it open when necessary, or hold a door shut, depending on the situation. They provide hands-free convenience and enhanced security.
  • Alarms will trigger when an intruder violates your access control system. Talk with our specialists to learn more about the capabilities of our access control alarms.

With our access control and security system, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your facility, employees, and clients are secured against intruders.

Previous Work & Satisfied Customers

How do you know you can depend on Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair professional installers, access control, and quality products?

Simply browse our customer testimonials and completed work. We’ve been the trusted choice of New Orleans businesses for over 30 years, and we’ve built our reputation on quality and reliability.

Some previous clients of ours include none other than:

  • IBM
  • Benson Towers
  • Mercedes Benz of Baton Rouge
  • LSU Football Operations
  • Woman’s Hospital
  • And more

As one of our clients said, “Their integrity and craftsmanship that goes into everything they create is beyond excellent.”

If your Louisiana business needs access control hardware, talk to our experts today. We’ll help you find the security solution that fits your needs.

Other Valued Services & Products we Provide in Louisiana

Access control systems aren’t our only service. Below, we’ve listed a few other things we do for those we work with:

  • Doors and frames, including blast doors and secure fiberglass doors
  • Division 10 specialties: pick up changing stations, waste receptacles, and more while you’re purchasing your facility’s security system
  • Bathroom partitions – every building needs them, yet most only have a two-year warranty. Our sturdy partitions will last you for many years.

We’ve built our Louisiana hardware store to provide equipment for your facility needs, from security to bathroom supplies, in one stop. Visit our store to see all the supplies we provide and installation services we offer.



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