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As the world changes, so are our lifestyle, home, and society. People are more vulnerable to dangers even in the safety of their own home. Structures are too delicate, which, in turn, make trespassers able to break in with just a sledge hammer or even a piece of brick. Every structure is not safe and there is a need for engineers and architects to develop a more durable material for doors, hinges, and locks to withstand robbers, damages, and harmful elements.

The advent of locks gave way for building owners to secure their home, apartment complexes, and business establishments. It made them able to sleep at night without the nagging feeling that someone will break in and start stealing their valuable items. Decades later, a new set of locks came into the market and thus multiple locks are seen in homes to for double safety. On the other hand, technology has paved the way for electronic locks, but they are deemed to be too expensive. The majority still stands for sturdy hardware that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

At Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs New Orleans, we offer a broad range of locks, hinges, door stoppers, and door viewers for you and your building’s safety. If you are still having problems finding a rated commercial door service in New Orleans for your home or office, Himmel’s is here to assist you. With 30 years of experience in architecture and door installations, we guarantee that our selection of hardware products will make you feel secure again.

  • We offer door locks in Louisiana ranging from cylindrical lever locks to mortise locks
  • All of our door hinges are designed to withstand wear and tear, rust, and other elements
  • Commercial door hardware products in Louisiana done by professionals in our facility
  • Invest in our recommended door hardware to maintain the function of your door
  • Give your commercial metal or steel door an upgrade with our door stoppers
  • Trust our team to provide you with professional installation service to all our door hardware products
  • Serving years of high-quality work to Louisiana-based residents

All of our hardware products are made from durable materials to withstand any form of damage. We are more than happy to give you a brief and basic guide about our locks and hinges so you will have an idea on what you want for your home or business. Our Mortise Locks are designed with advanced mechanics to cater to upgraded doors available in the market. They can serve as an extra lock to your usual knobs and guard locks. We also have available hinges for any door framework, as well as efficient door alarms in New Orleans to increase security. Hinges available in our list, include Swing Clear Full Mortise, Spring, Mullions, and Full Surface.

Take Care of Your Door

Doors tend to get damaged when they are slammed with full force regardless if it’s intentional or not. Here at Himmel’s we don’t just put emphasis on safety, but care as well. Prevent your door from any sort of force damage with our stoppers. Upgrade your door in the process with our astragals and closers for a smooth two-way movement. Regardless of your choice, our team at Himmel’s will assist you in the selecting process. Expect that they will give you the lowdown on all our hardware products to make sure that you choose the right lock or stopper for your door.

Protect your home from the harmful elements and potential trespassers with Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs locks and hinges. Our products will keep you safe and give your doors the care they deserve. From toilets and cubicles to door stoppers, Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs has got it all here.

Please call Himmel’s Hardware at (225) 673-8777 to receive special pricing on large quantity orders.

Cylindrical Lever Locks

Cylindrical Lever Locks - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Mortise Locks

Louisiana Mortise Lever Lockset - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs


Louisiana Door Closers - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Flush Bolts

Flush Bolts - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs


Louisiana Astrigals - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Weather Stripping

Louisiana Weatherstripping - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs


Louisiana Thresholds - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Sweeps & Door Bottoms

Louisiana Sweeps Door Bottoms - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs


Louisiana Push Pulls - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Kick Plates

Louisiana Kick Plates - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs


Louisiana Stops - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Door Viewer

Louisiana Door Viewer - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Door Coordinator

Door Coordinator - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

SVR Exit Devices

Louisiana SVR Exit Devices - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Rim Exit Devices

Louisiana Rim Exit Devices - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Mortise Exit Device

Louisiana Mortise Exit Device - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Auxiliary Hardware

Louisiana Auxiliary Hardware - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Continuous Hinges

Continuous Hinges - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Full Mortise Hinges

Louisiana Full Mortise Hinges - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Half Mortise Hinges

Louisiana Half Mortise Hinges - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Full Surface Hinges

Louisiana Full Surface Hinges - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Half Surface Hinges

Louisiana Half Surface Hinges - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Swing Clear Full Mortise Hinge

Louisiana Swing Clear Full Mortise Hinge - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Spring Hinges

Louisiana Spring Hinges - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs


Louisiana Mullions - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

We also sell access control products in Lake Charles, Prairieville and New Orleans.

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