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With so many choices involved in our lives on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that such also exist when it comes to our home or business. Choosing a door is part of securing any type of establishment–and not just any door. You need one that provides long-lasting security that will withstand the test of time.

Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs offers a selection of doors for homes, businesses, schools, and other structures. We ensure that our doors provide a stronghold wherever you want to install them. With modern and advanced engineering and technology, we guarantee that our New Orleans commercial doors prices are affordable, all the while providing strength and security.

  • Highly reviewed doors and frames for your commercial space
  • We offer affordable commercial doors for any type of facility
  • Our sturdy frames are highly recommended for different types of doors
  • Quality metal doors to keep your building, facility or room secure
  • Dedicated staff ready to help give the right information about doors and frames
  • A professional door replacement offers an efficient job from yours truly

A Guide to Doors

Don’t know what kind of door to use for your building? Our basic guide will help you select the door whether you wish to install it in your new home or a newly-furnished office. We also provide the following materials our doors are made of.

Blast Doors

Made from steel, they are perfect as protection from attacks and accidents. Blast doors are resistant to expansion and fire and they are designed to absorb pressure as well. They also happen to mitigate external hazards and can blend well with the building structure. Blast doors are usually utilized on areas/structures such as nuclear and waste-treatment plants, military and government buildings, banks, factories, and public locations.

Double Acting Doors

Also known as double swinging or impact traffic doors, they are bidirectional and they open with weight and push motions. They are ideal for fast two-way movements and serve as a barrier for noises/sounds as well as a visual separation. You might notice that restaurants use double acting doors to separate their kitchen from the dining area considering the former is hectic all the time and is always cluttered.

The doors’ panel cores can be made from wood or foam with aluminum, impact-resistant plastic or stainless steel. Besides kitchens, double acting doors are also used in schools, bars, hospitals, and supermarkets or retail shops.

Fiberglass Doors and Frames

If you want to upgrade your wooden door, fiberglass doors are the way to go. They can mimic the appearance of real wood and they are considered to be great heat insulators compared to steel doors. What’s more, they can withstand humid and cold areas, unlike wooden doors that swell when exposed to these elements. It may not be as cheap as other doors, but if you don’t want something low maintenance, a fiberglass door is the answer to that.


Serving as a ventilation for buildings, a louver is versatile and it can even be used for vehicles. One of their functions is to protect structures from external elements such as debris, water or flood, dust, and dirt. Spacecrafts that transport astronauts to space are also equipped with louvers to assist the vehicle for movement.

Choose from our louvers made from different materials including wood, aluminum, and metal.

Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Extra protection and damage control are the features of hollow metal doors; from hospitals to apartment complexes, this type of door can take any type of physical force than aluminum due to its durability. Custom frames are available and we can do it on-site or before the installation process. Our specialists measure the door and frame accurately, so make sure to consult us should you opt for this door. Doors of this kind are sometimes accompanied by door magnets. Himmels offers top New Orleans home door magnets for both commercial uses.

Wooden Doors

Sticking to the traditional door? We have it here, too! Our wooden doors are sturdy and can withstand any type of temperature, though you need to maintain it to prevent swelling or rotting. One of the disadvantages of wooden doors is that they are prone to termite infestation. If you don’t want to carry the burden of maintenance, you can select a different type of door we have in store.

Lite Kits

Also known as vision panels, lite kits are used as supports to hold the glass panes in place. They are typically made of wood or metal and come in different shapes. Our lite kits at Himmel’s undergo fire tests in accordance with the safety standards set by UL 10B and UL 10C.

We have a team of professionals who have the required credentials, skills, and experience to install the doors we have available. If you already have a door in mind, contact us and we will help you from here on. We provide only products that have undergone QA QC so rest assured Himmel’s got all bases covered. Check out our bathroom partitions in New Orleans.

Blast Doors

Louisiana Affordable Commercial Blast Doors - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Double Acting Doors

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Fiberglass Doors and Frames

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Hollow Metal Doors and Frames

Louisiana Commercial Hollow Metal Doors - Himmel's Commercial Doors & Repairs

Wood Doors

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Lite Kits

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