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If you are thinking about the best bathroom partition for your business, you need to assess the right material that suits your needs or preference first. Bathroom partitions come in different size and materials. Back then choices are limited, but now partition designers have discovered more ways to mix materials to form a new one that promises flexibility, strength, and durability.

Factors to Keep in Mind

It is a given that bathroom partitions must be sturdy, with materials that will provide them protection from elements and damages. Not all materials can withstand wear and tear and as a result, they break off immediately. Some manufacturers offer less than two years of warranty of some partitions since they don’t last that long. So make sure that the materials you choose are at par with your needs.

The next factor is the price. Cheaper and expensive partitions each have different features and the latter is your best bet if you want a bathroom partition that will last for years to come. You can always set your sights on a less exorbitant partition, but don’t expect the exact feature that you find in a product that will cost you thousands of dollars.

There are four typical types of bathroom partitions, all classified based on the materials they are made of.

  1. Metal: The most common and cheapest of them all, metal partitions are usually made of powder-coated steel.
  2. Plastic Laminate: Considered the most popular, the sheet is laminated to the substrate and applied to a metal sheet. They are not ideal for wet or humid areas such as pool and beach resort restrooms.
  3. Solid Plastic: More durable and resistant than plastic laminate. If plastic laminate partitions aren’t ideal for wet locations, solid plastic is preferred. You can install it in schools and public restrooms. It is more expensive and known to last for a good couple of years. Some manufacturers attached a 10-15-year warranty for this partition.
  4. Stainless Steel: Sophistication is the name of the game for stainless steel partitions. They are the most expensive among the three partitions mentioned above. They also happen to be scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Quality Bathroom Partition in New Orleans

Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs offers a multitude of bathroom partitions from stainless steel to plastic, all for a reasonable price. We are always ready to discuss the following partitions that you need to fit within your budget. We offer quality bathroom partitions in New Orleans that are durable and damage-proof, accompanied by a longer warranty duration. We offer major name brand partitions such as Accurate, Bobrick, Metpar, Mills, and PSISC. We will accommodate any custom drawing or you can choose from our array of layouts below. We can ship baked enamel, plastic laminate, and stainless steel bathroom partitions the same day upon your request.

Click on the layout sheet below that corresponds with your bathroom partition layout. Print your chosen layout, fill in the blanks, and fax. We will send a quote to you the next day. Our layouts are always open for inquiries and our specialists will help you out in case you run into some issues or you need additional information of the bathroom partitions we have in store. We are always here to help you out from a company that lives up to its name, Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs New Orleans. For other products check out our Division 10 specialties.


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Their bathroom partitions are of good quality. Got them a year ago and they are still in great condition.
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