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Himmel's installers are state fire marshal and OSHA certified with the correct insurance to work in any environment including chemical plants.

At Himmel's we strive to provide customer service without compromise in Division 8 and Division 10. As a factory direct distributor of all the products we offer and State Fire Marshal licensed employees, our knowledge and service is guaranteed to be second to none.

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4.4 Rating From 7 Reviews.
on 09, Feb 2018
The staff in their Lake Charles headquarters have been very helpful throughout my commercial glass door purchase. I was very impressed with their professional way of handling customers.
Jaylan Ahmad
on 09, Feb 2018
I have been looking for door companies near me since moving to Lake Charles. The house that I have moved in have been a pain to deal with. Thanks to them, it won't be causing problems on me anymore.
Sharia Garrett
on 09, Feb 2018
Availed of their door replacement a year ago and to be honest I am surprised the door to my office hasn't caused me major problems. Need a door, too? They got you covered on that one.
Leshia Kimberley
on 12, Feb 2018
I got their door replacement service in Lake Charles for an affordable price! If you happpen to be in this area and you need your own door replaced, then this is the best place to get one.
Teddy Barrows
on 01, Feb 2018
Their staff in Prairieville helped me with commercial glass repair by giving me basic information about it. I seriously don't know about this stuff until I availed of their product. Thank you for giving me tips and for such a great service!
Lenora Chen
on 28, Feb 2018
So I was a little apprehensive at first about their commercial glass repair service and I had to wait two weeks to make a review. No major problems with the door so far and it holds just fine. I had this door fixed by another service before and it didn't end well. That's why I am having second thoughts to get a new company that can fix the door. I hope the one they did will hold for a long time. We'll see.
Jana Howie
on 25, Feb 2018
Our newly-built commercial facility here in New Orleans needed quality commercial double doors. I've asked around and alsowent through several suppliers but it was Himmel's that really impressed me. I highly appreciate the knowledgeable staff who has answers to all my questions. Plus, I was given plenty of options to choose from, which is great. This facility is very special to me as it is my first business venture on my own, hence I needed all the best to support it.
Greger Reena

Quality Commercial Doors and Hardware from One of Louisiana’s Leading Companies

Offering Customers Products for Their Residential and Commercial Space

  • We offer different kinds of commercial doors such as fiberglass, blast doors, and metal doors for various offices, buildings, facilities, schools, and apartments.
  • Durable and affordable products from one of the trusted door and replacement companies in Louisiana
  • We have been serving different industries from chemical to oil plants to business infrastructures around the area
  • Extending our reach with reliable services in Louisiana such as project management, fabrication, delivery, and consultation
  • Our team is always ready to help you through the choosing and purchasing process of our products
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