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Understanding how access controls work is the first step in choosing the most effective security installment for your home or business. The word ‘access control’ generally pertains to limiting access to selected places or resources with the use of electronic devices equipped with codes that are only accessible to authorized personnel.

Banks, military and government facilities, and offices are some of the most common locations where access controls are implemented. Depending on the sensitivity of the information stored, there are levels of clearance given—some can access the entirety of that data and some just only half of it.

Access controls can be in a form of entering a passcode in a device, biometrics such as retinal or finger scanners, ID or a smart card containing an individual’s data and clearance level. Devices programmed with a clearance, say level 5, can only be accessed by that person’s ID with said clearance and above. If you have a clearance that is lower than 5 and you attempt to swipe your card in that machine, it will be rejected.

  • We have an authorized service team specializing in door magnets and hinges installation
  • Extending our reach by providing affordable access control products around the Louisiana area
  • We also offer affordable electric strikes to maintain your building’s safety
  • Our access control products are installed by well-versed professionals
  • We are always ready to discuss our products with our clients and share our knowledge on our products

There are other components to help secure your residential and commercial property such as our commercial doors in New Orleans, electronic locks, and sturdy hinges. Here at Himmels, we only offer quality products that provide best results.

Find Quality Access Control Products in New Orleans

Part of our objective at Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs is to ensure the safety of our clients, as well as their buildings. Whether you are a homeowner, a business maven with a hundred staff or a real estate agent, there is always a product to keep your building and valuables secure.

Sometimes a sturdy lock isn’t enough to keep trespassers at bay. More people are installing access control devices to double security in every part of their house or office. Himmel’s offers state of the art alarms, magnets, and electric hinges and strikes for a safe home, office or apartment. Our access controls are equipped with the advanced and seamless security solutions for any facility size.

Simple, yet modern, our products are all tested to ensure their maximum performance. We have a team in charge who have been installing our access control products in different facilities for years. Our 30 years of experience has made high-level performance possible, along with a team of professionals who have the experience and skills that our clients can always rely on. We do the same level of service and provide the same quality products in our locations in Prairieville, Lake Charles. We got you covered and we pull all the stops!

We provide a free consultation to guide you in selecting the type of service or product that you want. We are always more than happy to discuss business with you and partake our knowledge on our hardware products and services available. We also have home door magnets in New Orleans to increase safety in your property. Our main office in Prairieville is always open for current, past, and new customers. Get the quality New Orleans services for your business or home, only here at Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repairs.

Please call Himmel’s Hardware at (225) 673-8777 to receive special pricing on large quantity orders.


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We offer products such as doors, hardware, and door frames in Prairieville , Lake Charles, and New Orleans.


4.0 Rating From 2 Reviews.
on 23, Jan 2018
Thanks to their commercial door systems, we can sleep better at night knowing that our office is safe and sound. Their headquarters in New Orleans has great products and not to mention accommodating staff with the whole knowledge of the services they offer.
Pia Josefina
on 19, Jan 2018
We got this new automatic door opener from them and so far it hasn't caused any serious problems. Plus, it's not expensive!
Eddie Valle

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