Bathroom Partitions
Bathroom Partitions

Quality Louisiana Bathroom Partitions for Your Commercial Space

Did you know: Most bathroom partitions are only warrantied to last two years, sometimes less?

Though bathroom partitions don’t appear to undergo much wear-and-tear, they do. Bathroom doors slamming, changing tissue rolls and trash cans, kids leaning against them – all these and every day wear often cause poorly constructed partitions to sag or break within a couple years of installation.

Investing a bathroom partition means you’ll save the burden of cost, additional repairs, and replacements. Constantly replacing a new partition isn’t always good for its frames due to wear and tear.

Don’t subject your employees to the inconvenience of bathroom stalls that won’t shut or partitions that sag. At Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair, we supply quality bathroom partitions guaranteed to last for years beyond our competitors’ partitions. If you would like your partitions installed, we have a certified team of installers to help properly equip your bathroom.

If you manage a facility, don’t settle for subpar bathrooms. Come to our Louisiana hardware store today to learn more about our long-lasting bathroom partitions.

About Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair

Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair has been providing offices and facilities with hardware for over 30 years. We specialize in doors and frames, but also offer division 10 equipment (such as changing tables and soap dispensers), access control systems, and more. Our main office is located in Prairieville, but we also serve clients in New Orleans and Lake Charles.

Here’s what makes our company different:

  • We believe in providing lasting solutions for our customers. That’s why our store stocks quality products, from bathroom partitions and beyond for Louisiana customers. We believe you deserve a solution you can count on.
  • Our local, certified installers are trained in both brand and hardware-specific installation procedures. By installing your equipment the first time, we ensure it will last without unexpected breaks or wear.
  • We know you don’t want to drive hours to receive in-person service. That’s why we’ve opened branches across several regions in Louisiana, including New Orleans: it’s not hard for our clients to find a hardware store “near me.”
  • Our stores are staffed with friendly, helpful professionals. We’ll answer any questions you may have and provide custom solutions to meet your needs, then schedule your installation with a certified installer.

Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair isn’t just a Louisiana hardware store, or a bathroom partitions supply business in Louisiana. It is a company dedicated to helping you build a facility that lasts, serves your clients and employees, and remains secure for many years.

Bathroom Partitions – Investments for Your Facility

We’ve all had it happen to us: You walk into a bathroom stall, try to close the door, and realize something’s off. The door is too close to the lock to shut – or it’s too far from the lock to latch. Discouraged, you move to the next stall. It has the same problem.

The quality of your facility reflects your attitude toward your employees. If you value your employees, you’ll create a facility that reflects your care toward them. This includes quality bathrooms.

Unfortunately, most bathroom partitions can’t hold up to the wear and tear of swinging doors, leaning, purses hanging on hooks, and other stress. Many are only guaranteed to last a couple years. Some don’t even last that long.

With our partitions, you can build a bathroom that stays high-quality for years.

We offer four kinds of partitions, including:

  • Metal: Generally powder-coated steel adhered to cardboard, these are the most affordable – but least durable – option available.
  • Plastic Laminate: With plastic laminate, a sheet of plastic is adhered to metal for improved aesthetics. This style is popular, but will break down quickly in humid restrooms (such as those found at pools or resorts).
  • Solid Plastic: Solid plastic is one of the more durable options, even in humid bathrooms; some solid plastic partitions can last over a decade. Solid plastic is often recommended for high-traffic public areas, such as schools, bus stations, and subway stations.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is the most expensive choice, but also the most durable. In addition, stainless steel partitions are some of the easiest to clean – they’ll stay looking new and nearly scratch-free for years.

Previous Work & Satisfied Customers

You can trust us to install high-quality bathroom partitions in your facility. We’ve worked with several major corporations to create standout facilities, including:

  • The Omni Hotel
  • The Renaissance
  • Our Lady Of the Lake East Tower
  • Banner Chevrolet
  • All Star Ford
  • And more

Our clients praise our craftsmanship and dedication; to quote one client, the team is “beyond excellent.”

If you’re looking at bathroom partitions for your commercial facility, talk to the experts at Himmel’s Commercial Doors & Repair today.

Other Valued Products and Services We Offer in Louisiana

We’re proud to provide more than just bathroom partitions to our customers. If you’re creating or updating a bathroom, you likely need a few more items to finish your renovations.

Our hardware store supplies

  • Division 10 specialties: ADA signage, paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers, and more
  • Hardware: door locks, hinges, door stops, and more
  • Doors and frame:. We are a professional Louisiana  door supplier that provides a variety of doors, including bidirectional or “double acting” doors
  • Architectural services
  • Fire door inspections
  • And more! Call or visit the location nearest you to see all the supplies and services we offer

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