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Louisiana is home to many businesses that cater to the different needs of the clients. Whether you need a roof repair or have a new window installed, there are people ready to provide. Same goes for Himmels Commercial Door Replacement & Repair, a family-owned company that has been around for 30 years. We offer commercial doors for any type of property as well as locks, bolts, alarms, and security devices guaranteed to keep your space safe.

Our goal is simple: to exceed client expectations, all the while making sure that their property is safe. Investing in our doors or hardware means putting your safety in our hands. And here at Himmels Commercial Door Replacement & Repair, we stay true to our word.


Trusted Products and Services for Every Commercial Property

Himmels Commercial Door Replacement & Repair offers quality products guaranteed to upgrade the safety of your commercial space.

Division 10 Speciality Products in Prairieville: They consist of diaper changing stations, toilet and laundry specialties, cubicles, curtains, and fireplaces/stoves.

Hardware: In our world, the hardware includes locks, door stoppers, hinges, and door viewers. They may be small, but they make a difference when it comes to safety. All of our hardware products are created with sturdy and flexible materials that last for years.

Bathroom Partitions: Our partitions come in different materials: plastic, solid plastic, metal, and stainless steel. We provide floor plans for various partition mounts so you’ll be able to envision what it will look like in your property.

Access Control: Our access controls upgrade any door. We have electric strikes and hinges, as well as magnets and door alarms.

Doors and Frames: Our commercial exterior doors in Prairieville come in different types—wooden doors, metal, steel, fiberglass, blast doors, and swing doors.


Choosing the Right Door for Your Commercial or Residential Space

Replacing your door is something that you would only do if it’s necessary. However, what you need to realize is picking out the right door is going to be the key for a successful find. The problem is you may not know about the pros and cons of getting the commercial metal doors and frames. Remember that some doors are not created equal in terms if function, materials, and longevity. It’s time to pick up a thing or two about the basics of selecting the right door.

Durability and Safety

Metal doors are meant to take more wear from slamming to the repetitive opening and closing. They have a tendency to be able to take even more abuse than what you would think. When you are running a business you need to realize the doors are going to take quite a bit more in the way of abuse and this means you want to have a door that is very durable.

So the durability factor is definitely something you are going to like because it makes it easier for you to know the door will be able to take the abuse or wear and tear. At the same time, with the metal frame and door, they have a tendency to help in keeping the criminals away as these doors are quite a bit stronger than what you would expect. Safety is another feature of a metal door so this is why it’s often used in military facilities and banks.

Extra Security Compared To Wooden Doors

This was touched upon the durability and that is the fact the metal frames are a lot stronger than wood. If you think about it like this you can break a wooden stick over your knee. When you look at the metal doors, though, you will notice they are nearly impossible to break and unless you have a torch the metal usually does not bend. This is going to let you have a lot of extra protection for the doors and make it easier for you to have a lower insurance rate, but also not have to worry about the criminals coming into the home or business as easily as they would with the wood frames.

Another door that you can choose are fiberglass doors, but they are costly compared to metal doors. On the other hand, they are great investments if you really want to heighten your building’s security and keep trespassers away.

More Options In Doors

You may think that because you are getting the metal frames and doors, you will have a limited selection. But you need to realize this is not the case. In fact, a lot of businesses have a wider selection than what you think. This means you can finally find the door that will actually suit your business or home and know it will not look out of place. Swinging doors, composite, wooden doors–there are so many to choose from but take note that you have to take your needs into account.

When you are looking for a new door, you will find that it can be a challenge to find the right one, especially if you don’t have any idea of the materials available and the benefits they will bring to your commercial or residential space. By knowing about all of these advantage of this type of door you will notice it is rather easy for you to get the right one for your home or business. Make sure you know what will work for you, otherwise you’ll end up picking a wrong door and wasting your investment in the process.


We Have More Products and Services in Store for You

Himmels Commercial Door Replacement & Repair doesn’t just stop with the products–we also offer services to make sure that our locks, doors or hinges are safely secured without a hitch. We have project management, installation, fabrication, delivery, consultation, and more. These services are meant to keep our products in good condition. We have a team ready to provide you with products and services worth your time and money.

When it comes to choosing our products, we are ready to help you out. From selecting the right door to finding the ideal access control for your facility, Himmels Commercial Door Replacement & Repair is ready to guide you through the process.

  • Offering a variety of commercial products such as doors and hardware for offices, schools, apartments, and industrial facilities
  • Our Prairieville store houses commercial doors recommended by the local crowd and regular customers
  • Our products are equipped with modern designs to ensure the safety of your space and valuables
  • We have a team of dedicated staff in charge of delivery, consultation, installation, and maintenance for all our products
  • Ensuring efficient delivery and installation process for our commercial doors
  • Professional door service from our production team
  • We also offer a selection of door hardware, bathroom partitions, and Division 10 specialty products


Find our main office at 16491 Airline Hwy Prairieville, LA 70769 or call 225-414-4063. We also serve clients in New Orleans and Lake Charles.

About Prairieville, Louisiana

Prairieville is located in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, United States and is in the south of Baton Rouge and north of Gonzales. The city’s name is derived from the plentiful pastures and prairies that once covered Jefferson Highway and Airline Highway. It started off as a quiet community comprising of few locals. Residents from Baton Rouge are drawn to the city due to a low crime rate and high-performing public schools. It also happens to be the fastest-growing areas in the state of Louisiana.

The city of Prairieville is home to Phillip’s Farm, a local landmark with live oaks and white-picket fences. It was sold in 1922 at the start of the suburban development and was soon sold at an auction in 2006 following the death of Dr. Carey A. Phillips.

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